Statutory fees

Solicitors’ fees are fixed in accordance with an official decree issued on 8th March 1978 that sets compulsory rates which depend on the type of notarized deed.

Before signing, your solicitor will give you an estimate of the overall costs and fees.

He is under obligation to request a deposit and to issue the corresponding receipt.

When transactions are completed, your solicitor gives you an itemised statement detailing his actual fees, the disbursements incurred and the taxes collected.

Non-statutory fees

Solicitors’ fees are set by mutual agreement with the client with regard to the following services :

Company law
Sale of commercial business
Property management
Property valuation

Negotiation fees (official order issued on 29th June 1990)

These fees are additional to those received in connection with notarized deeds and are set as follows :

Property sale

5% up to 45735 €
2.5% above 45735 €
(Decree no. 93-1060 issued on 9th September 1993)*

Property lease

1.5 times the rent value

(Decree no. 86-358 issued on 11th March 1986, amended by a decree issued on 21/03/07)*

Please note that in all cases VAT must be added at the rate of 19.60%


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